Financial Lessons or Unfair Burden? The $200 Rent Debate Heats Up 

Erika and Cody Archie, first-generation ranchers in Texas, sparked debate when they made their daughter pay rent after high school. 

The couple asked their teenage daughter, Kylee, to pay $200 a month in rent, or $300 if she wanted to eat from the family's groceries. 

Cody argued that charging rent taught Kylee about personal responsibility and managing living costs. 

Kylee lived with her parents for nine months at the agreed rent before moving out, which her parents believed prepared her for financial independence. 

Charging children rent is a divisive topic, as shown by the thousands of comments on the family's TikTok video. 

Most parents don't support the idea of charging rent to their adult children, but expect them to get a job and contribute to household bills. 

Some people believe that adult children living with their parents is "bad for society," while others see no issue or have no strong opinion 

Parents see teaching financial independence as a crucial goal, with practical lessons like budgeting and saving being taught at home.