Revolutionary Double-Decker Airplane Seat

Alejandro Núñez Vicente, a 23-year-old airplane seat designer, believes double-level seating is the future of economy flying. 

Núñez Vicente's Chaise Longue Airplane Seat prototype gained viral attention and sparked debates among passengers. 

The seat is not intended to replace regular airplane seating but to provide an alternative for certain passengers. 

The Chaise Longue aims to solve the issue of cramped legroom and discomfort experienced by taller passengers. 

The design also increases cabin capacity, which appeals to airlines looking to accommodate more passengers. 

The latest prototype features improvements such as sturdier steps, storage under the seat, and personal device usage for inflight entertainment. 

Feedback from airline industry experts and travelers is crucial for further development of the Chaise Longue. 

Núñez Vicente has created a virtual reality version of the seat to allow users to explore and evaluate its design. 

While the lower level may feel claustrophobic to some, the Chaise Longue offers more legroom than traditional economy seats. 

Núñez Vicente and his partner are dedicated to pursuing their vision of passenger comfort and continue to work towards making the double-level seat a reality in the future.