A 13-year-old girl in China spent approximately $64,000 of her parents' money on mobile games this year. 

The girl's parents were unaware of the spending until a teacher from her boarding school informed them. 

When the mother checked her bank account, she discovered that the savings had been depleted, leaving only seven cents. 

Credit: istock

The girl had spent around $16,800 on buying game accounts and nearly $30,000 on in-game purchases between January and May. 

She also transferred money to 10 classmates who wanted to buy game products for themselves. 

The mother expressed shock and disbelief, stating she never imagined her 13-year-old daughter could do this. 

The girl admitted to linking her mother's debit card to her phone but claimed ignorance about the source and amount of money being spent. 

The girl said her school friends noticed her spending power and pressured her for money, fearing repercussions if she refused. 

The story gained widespread attention in China, with over 140 million views on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.