Tourist Caught Taking Water from Trevi Fountain, Sparks Outrage 

– A tourist was caught on video climbing into the Trevi Fountain in Rome to fill her water bottle. – The incident happened in July and was shared on TikTok. – The woman was wearing white capri pants and a blue shirt.

– She held an empty plastic bottle under one of the fountain's waterfalls and appeared to fill it up with water from the spout.

– Onlookers watched in shock as the woman entered and exited the fountain. – The fountain is one of the most popular tourist spots in Rome and is estimated to be visited by 1,000 people every hour.

– A police officer wearing a bright yellow vest blew her whistle as the woman exited the fountain.

– The officer then approached the tourist and after a short conversation, escorted her away from the landmark. – The woman was not arrested, but she was warned not to climb the fountain again.

– The tourist who climbed the Trevi Fountain has since apologized for her actions.

– She said that she did not know that it was illegal to climb the fountain and that she was simply trying to get some water. 

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